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Contemporary Carpets

All rugs are approximately 8" x 11" with Color Matched Trim

$16.50 Each



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Minidot Red Polka Red Balls of White

Navy Tracs Patriot's Dream Creamy Blue Check The Leopard in Black/White
The Leopard in Black/Tan Gold All Over Half and Half by 1/2" Wavy Black/White by 3/4"
Winner's Circle in Red, Teal & Cream Starry Starry Night Stars All Over  


Rolled or mounted Sand and Turf Roadways, or latex sheets set the style and foundation for the Boulevard.

Rolled 18" x 48" Sheets $10.00 each
Mounted on 3/16" 11" x 46" Gator Board $22.00

Latex Sheets 11" x 17"

1/2" Black and White Checkerboard $7.50 Each
1/24" Scale Herringbone Brick $11.50 Each
Approx. 1/18 Scale Used Brick $9.50 Each
1/24 Scale Used Brick $9.50 Each
Common Brick Approx. 1" Scale $9.50 Each
Cobblestone $9.50 Each
Slate$11.50 Each

home backdrops facades buildings accessories

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